Vanligt Folk - Hambo

Vanligt Folk, an oddball electronic trio based in Gothenburg, Sweden sporting quite an eclectic sound, super foreign some might even say.

They operate on their own frequency, the group’s name actually can be translated to ’common people’ something i find personally, a playful contradiction. in such a sharp manner they incorporate the use of primitively piercing electronics, mutated drums and some intriguing vocals, ranging from harsh social commentary to the purely nonsensical.

Their newest album is a collaboration between swedish labels Kontra-Musik and Kess Kill. Dubbed out Mutant EBM at its finest, titled Hambo - a working class dance from the 19th century, we find ourselves honouring the ‘dance’ in more of a dark and sinister way. Think of a rave come ritual ceremony mashed up with absurd voices of truth and tradition.

A nightmare you don’t want to wake up from.

Grab this killer release below >>>>>>