The Pulse Projects - Nonfunctional

Forthcoming on the forever consistent Opal Tapes, Eindhoven's Albert van Abbe (Figure Jams, Semantica) via his pulse Projects moniker, issues a beautifully balanced collection of playful, sensual, minimal electronica.

QUite the journey from start to finish, Nonfunction 2 starts you off on the right foot, as it creeps and lurks around corners , an adequate slice of sexy and sleek, fantastic kicks and clicks build this onE, driving and relentless, in the Best way possible.

Nonfunction 3 offers another page of the book, a little softer on the ears and heart, it gradually builds with a stunning dose of ambience, it crackles and pops tumbling back and forth and back and fortH. NonFUnction 4 keeps you guessing, errie and bleak its cleverly confusing, like walking through mud you hear the squelch as the Bass lifts this one, that feeling of im moving but i ain’t getting no where.

Nonfunction 5, a flickering nightmare, it takes an audacious spiral down unknown territory. apprehensive and tastefully unsettling. Nonfunction 6 travels deep down the worm whole, with 1 min of soft murmurs summing everything up ever so nicely.

The collection of sounds signs off with a fantastic Basic house remix, seductive and haunting a dubbed out masterpiece, complimenting the collection as a whole in the most humble manner.

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