Roza Terenzi -Mood

Adding to her tally of five records in twelve months, the prolific Roza Terenzi intercepts club sound-systems yet again with Mood EP, a ménage à trois of floor-friendly cuts via respectable Melbourne-based label Salt Mines. Straight off the bat, ‘Double Reflection’ sees Roza flexing her finesse at whipping up a tune, one bar at a time, element by element, until it soars off into deep pads and a thumping breakdown.

A perfect set-opener, it cashes in on the producer’s flair for creating propulsive and dynamic dance music rich in feeling. Roza then rolls out ‘Mood’, a shape-shifting electro odyssey strung between compressed icy snares, spacey bleeps and melodic interludes. True to its title, ‘Mood’ drifts through a range of emotions. Anxious at first, the track’s skittish drums sink slowly into a warm bubblebath of chords and atmospheric ‘oohs’ cushioned by a soft subby bassline.

On the flip, the techy ‘Out of My Mind’ sees the producer combine the cerebral subtlety of so-called ‘intelligent dance music’ with the emotive sensibility of early British bleep records. Bolstered by a cut-throat remix by uprising electro don Jensen Interceptor, the diversity of sounds and sensations on offer prove to be a display of both Roza’s extraordinary technique and her wide frame of musical reference.

For if one thing is made clear on Mood EP, it is that Roza Terenzi has been studying the greats. The record is a reflection pool of influences, history as told by a ‘90s kid, fondly beholden to the explorative genre-spanning spirit of her musical ancestry (think Archetype, Scopex, Silverlining). This is Roza Terenzi at her most inspired, and she is quick to pay off her debts with her most original and exciting release yet.

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Words By K. Halliday 29/11/18