Ron morelli - Disappear

The man behind the forever astounding Lies imprint, Mr Ron Morelli has a mega LP released just a couple of weeks ago via manhattans Hospital Productions, the outlet that's handled most of his solo work and a giant advocate for the obscure and alternative.

Morelli, whether it be owning a label, producing or DJing this don has been in the game for just short of a decade. Having never strayed away from his artistic vision or rather the backbone of underlying philosophies that embodies long island electrical systems (L.I.E.S) Morelli has delivered something truly raw and disturbingly honest in the form of this 13 Tracker LP. It’s harsh, abrasive, vast and intriguing. Titled ‘Disappear’, an assortment of droned out industrial and demented Electronica, with harsh clangs and Metallic vibrations. Each track has its own voice, but they all follow the same aphotic intentions.

If i had to pick one track it would be a Tie between Laugh Taker and Disappear. Both are as creepy and disturbingly sexy as the other. absolute fire.

Cop a listen below. and pre order it via this link>>>>>