Peder Mannerfelt - daily routine 

Swedish lord Peder mannerfelt comes in flaming hot with a phenomenal new release, titled daily routine this ten tracker is a real mixed bag of goodies. Released via his own imprint PederMannerfeltproduktion, this guy can do no wrong in my ears, captivating his listeners with his enigmatic ways.

Known for his complex and rabid sound this release is nothing short of that. It follows a somewhat underlying theme of the mundane with tracks titled ‘How was your day’ and ‘cigarettes’, but infuse that with a supreme love for the rave.

Taken from the man himself "This is a record about nothing. A record without a concept or ulterior motive. Or maybe it´s about everything. A vignette of all that has ever happened to me. It´s also a collection of sounds. New sounds, sounds I recorded 10 years ago, sounds I’ve found, sounds stolen from records my brother bought in London in the summer of `88. There´s also Sissel Wincent (who´s the coolest person I know) singing on one track.”

Its unpredictably sexy, you will be surprised at every dip and dive and it will definitely not disappoint.

Uncomfortable never felt so good.

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