~October 2018~

2018 has been all about metamorphosis, largely due to Jupiter (the expander) spending most of it in Scorpio (the transformer), and we are about to get another dose of it before the year is through. 

in tantric numerology 2018 is an 11 year (2+1+8). 11 is the highest number, and therefore contains all the numbers preceding it. 11 is infinity, 11 is where we are presented with more options than anywhere else. The quieter you become, the more you can hear. 11 is also a door (look at it!). its a portal, and you can use it to go wherever you want. We should use the rest of the year to really listen to what the universe is presenting- chances are there will be a great many things on offer, each as tempting as the next. Its all about being open to the full spectrum- of emotions and of possibilities, especially possibilities that seem different from what you may have dreamed for yourself. As one of my favourite teachers pointed out, if you want a breakthrough this is the year where you don’t even have to break anything (follow @themysticalarts on instagram for more of his wisdom, his on point daily tarot pulls are heaven sent). Embrace pain and discomfort if they show up and know that they are there to burn away what is not for your highest good. turn over stones and don’t look away. Stare into what is under there. Then decide what you would like it to become, and do that. That is the power of scorpio, and it is available to us in October. 

There’s a lot of plutonian energy about at the moment- the energy of the underworld. Pluto began its retrograde in April, and just finished on the last day of September (for a quick rundown on retrogrades check last months’ tiffin). This took place in the sign of Capricorn, where Pluto is now direct. pluto is the warrior, the ruler of scorpio and the death card in the tarot, which also puts it in charge of spiritual growth. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, you have to learn how to die while you’re alive. This is true transformation. In the long run it’s not a bad thing at all (and the long run is something Capricorn understands more than any other), but it really hurts while you’re going through it. Pluto is ultimately about renewal, and Capricorn represents power, achievement and authority. Whilst retrogrades activate all signs differently according to houses, to some extent we have all been doing internal work around these concepts, consciously or otherwise. It can feel dark and heavy, because we are travelling into the places that are normally hidden- for good reason. If that shit was exposed all the time it would be freaky as hell. you wouldn’t want to live in the underworld, but you sometimes need to go there for a visit. personal power is something that can be extremely difficult to dissect, and that’s what this pluto retrograde has been for. now that pluto is direct, our power will take more of an external form and be less about internal struggles. This also means we need to be even more conscious of how we are wielding it. Take a look at what’s been happening in the USA over the last few days surrounding the Ford-Kavanaugh case- the women coming forward, and what they have had to come forward against. the New Yorker called it “a grotesque display of patriarchal resentment.” absolutely gut-wrenching, and a dark shadow of pluto in Capricorn (which also represents the patriarchy). 


As one ends, another begins. October brings Venus retrograde for 40 days and nights- in the sign of Scorpio (October 5th - November 15th). scorpio is the most intense, it’s all or nothing, and cannot be lied to. Its sees right to the deepest core. So we aren’t done with the underworld yet, but having just wrapped up that Pluto retrograde, we have a better relationship with our power. Momentum is there. The energy of transformation is strong, and we can use it with Venus. Venus is the feminine. she is beauty, love, relationships, sensual pleasure and above all, value- how we value ourselves and who and what we value in our lives, monetarily or otherwise. during retrograde, all of this goes wonky. Personally I don’t plan on doing a lot of socialising, spending or altering my appearance during this time (I am a double water sign, and withdrawal can be our natural response. Others may enjoy the tension in the air). Though we are currently in the midst of relationship-minded Libra season, the retrograde indicates this is a time for purifying and fortifying our relationship with ourselves more than anything. Asking questions around relationships- how you relate to yourself first and the relationships surrounding you second- is also a good idea. Are they in balance or are they skewed? Could you give more or take more? Where are your boundaries? 

A Libra new moon occurs on the 9th, and is a good time for setting an intention of equilibrium where needed. By the time Venus goes direct in November, she’ll be at home in Libra. if you’ve done the self relationship stuff right, all of your other relationships will bear the evidence. Everybody around us is a mirror of our relationship to ourselves (which can be a tough pill to swallow), so we have to be sure to get that one right first, especially with this astrology. Mercury (communication) and the Sun (conscious will) will also join Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio this month, further intensifying its power. A full moon joins Uranus (unexpected change) in Taurus (also ruled by Venus) on the 24th, adding to the air of renewal in relationships. anything could happen if you do the work!

XX Mystic Tiffin XX