Nene H - Гetto

Turkish beauty now residing in Berlin, Beste Aydin aka nene H is the one responsible for this monstrous track forthcoming via Uk imprint dontbeafraid. Its featured on a Compilation aimed straight for the dancefloor. For those not acquainted with this wonder woman, her sound is dark and physical, this new release is a great illustration of what she is capable of.

Beste’s track is of epic proportions, powerfully apocalyptic it starts heavy and doesn’t deteriorate, keeping it mighty strong till the end. Crackles and pops left right and centre, with a solid wack of bass driving it all the way through. It manages to maintain this unique playful quality to it whilst being down right rough and grimy. This one is razor sharp, If it doesn’t get you off your chair, i don’t know what will.

It wont be released for another month or so but pre order it over this way..