~March 2019~

Only love is realLL

Things are About to get hazy in here- not only do we have a cluster of planets in Pisces right now (Sun, Mercury, neptune), but one of them is about to change course - that’s right, our first retrograde of the year is upon us.

Mercury retrograde happens more frequently than any other, as Mercury is a high speed planet moving very close to us. It is one of the ‘planets of personality’- after the sun and moon, and including venus and mars, these are the planets that are most reflective of our individual consciousness. the further from earth we go, the longer the orbit times, increasing to a number of years- these are more generational. Mercury, though, changes signs about every 88 days- meaning that if you and a bunch of friends your own age got together, you would see a lot of variation in mercury signs. Ruler of airy gemini and earthy virgo, mercury is the sign of the mind. This year the retrogrades will all begin in water signs, rulers of emotions and feelings, so get ready for these to get a bit wilder. Nothing to fear, though- these signs also rule connection and depth.



A quick recap on retrogrades- generally speaking, we express planets in direct motion outwardly, and clearly. Planets in retrograde motion provide more inward energy, prompting reflection, and making misunderstandings and mistakes more frequent. Mercury’s retrograde this year lasts most of March, from the 5th til the 28th. Double check information, and stay home if you want to. As the great astrologer Susan miller says, “there is a fractal relationship between the orbits in the heavens and human activity down here on earth.”

We are already deep into Pisces season. Those of us who live mainly emotionally driven lives already are probably not too fazed by it, but it can be tougher for those without a clear familiarity with these waters, or a strong spiritual viewpoint to fall back on. be open to the mysteries of the universe. Just because it cannot be measured, does not mean it is not real. Pisces rules surrender, and if we try too hard to steer the ship in every part of our lives, we will crash. Life feels a lot better when we open up to the fact that we don’t know how every situation should play out, and therefore should not try to force things to match our thoughts. Magic happens there. 

There is a massive ending happening now- wounded healer Chiron into Aries (beginning last month until April 2027), ruler of change Uranus into Taurus (beginning the day of the new moon and lasting until 2026), and the ending of the entire astrological cycle- pisces is the final sign. This is time to release patterns that have been with us for a great number of years and to begin a new cycle of healing old wounds. Watch for putting other people ahead of you- a classically piscean notion that never ends well, for you cannot serve another without serving yourself properly first. Make boundaries your top priority now, and moving into astrological new year and aries season, backed by Chiron, you will thrive. a pisces new moon occurs on the sixth, with harmonious aspects to mars (drive), saturn (commitment), and neptune (ruler of pisces and sensuality, spirituality and imagination). This is a passionate recipe and one with which to align your spiritual self. Be guided by energy, hunt for it, and change your life.

Aries is the first sign. Aries is the self, a warrior, a cardinal fire sign. Cardinal signs create forward motion. Self-motivated and active, they begin things. Fire gives energy, it is the primal life force. using the emotional intelligence we have cultivated during pisces season, it is now time to begin (best to wait until mercury goes direct on the 28th, though, before doing anything concrete). We have the pieces, we don’t need to go looking, we just need to get to work putting them together. Your identity is the theme of aries season- not your identity in relation to others, structures, or your work, but your real identity, the you you are when nobody is watching. The way you do anything is the way you do everything, and there will be no space for lying to yourself about this going forward. ‘Just do it’ is appropriate here. Cut the crap!

The full moon occurs in sweet libra this month, on the 20th, six days before venus moves into pisces on the 26th (bringing the total of planets in pisces to four). Extra special as it’s our third and final supermoon of the year, and the first of two successive Libra full moons. Relationships are doubly illuminated, as is our sense of balance, or lack thereof. Change is in the air especially with mercury’s movement this month, and libra is the peacekeeper, there to level the energy, which is especially handy as we move toward the end of the retrograde. Release any perceived wrongdoings and come back to the idea that at the end of the day, only love is real. Venus in pisces will also be a strong reminder of that great truth… “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel” (Maya Angelou, Aries).

The tune this month is from astral pilot (very pisces) aka Sven Väth and Stevie b-zet. The day after is the sound of the dust settling and the sun coming up on something new. At 21 minutes long it’s a journey, but one that is really worth it, with a sweet video of a closing party in Frankfurt in the 90s… dreamy x