Lone - Ambivert Tools Volume Four

UK’s Matthew cutler aka Lone brings fourth this stunning three tracker release via Belgium’s legendary R & S records, We saw the release of volume three earlier on this year fair to say cutler has been busy. His consistency is astounding, forever delivering quality dancefloor sounds, filled to the brim with solid groove and psychedelic explorations.

This release has to be up there with one of the best he has delivered recently, in particular one track titled, Pulsar. The sound is addictive, you just keep wanting more. A shining hybrid of breakbeats and ambient textures roll you through clouds way above with liquid drums chasing you all the way across. Theres flutes, synths and chimes all encapsulated in these extravagant melodies and harmonies, one thing Cutler always manages to execute with such finesse.

Like a breath of fresh air, an absolute masterpiece…I guess this is what heaven sounds like.

Pre order this beauty here (release date October 12th) >>>>