Lia T

Lia T, an absolute angel from Perth, has set up camp in Copenhagen for a little while. this little beauty is one on the rise and most definitely one to keep an eye/ear on. Lia has quite the knack for building magical sets that in turn reflects this essence directly onto the dance floor and/or bedroom.

She is all about ‘dance floor epiphanies’ stressing the importance of how the floor can not only be an escape but more of a release and somewhat catharsis for us all, if we let it.

The mix below is deep and spacious. Highly emotive, Lia takes us on a lush ambient/electronic infused exploration through the universe, seriously sublime sounds.

Featuring tracks by Nico Niquo, Djrum, Object Blue, BLNDR, Upsammy, Rune Bagge, Sciahri, Anthony Linell

dive deep…