Equally talented musician and DJ, Melbourne born beauty Laila Sakini is one to keep a close eye/ear on. Splitting her time between Brussels and London as of late she has been sharing her weird and wonderful taste across the globe. Having already made her mark across Australia with many appearances in clubs, galleries and art infused events alike, she has also dabbled in curating her own events with close friends, parties such as DAY CARE and GIRLS CLUB just to name a few. More recently her shows via the always reliable NTS have been a constant and reliable source for all things experimental and off the beaten track. Spanning a delicious assortment of genres, Laila has an incredible knack for taking her listener on a journey through all fields.

Full feature below.

©Sepideh Farvardin

©Sepideh Farvardin

Hey Laila how are you feeling right at this present moment?

Sleepy/restless, I’ve been ill but have lots to catch up on…. 

Where were you born and what place do you call home now?

Melbourne. Melbourne will always be home and London is second home.


FOndest memories growing up as a child both personally and musically?

Getting my first keyboard aged 3. Playing as much as I could. Singing in the choir.  Grasping my pink folder sitting, waiting for my first piano lesson. 

Are you close with your family, any siblings??? Would you say they have played a big role in your interests and passions?

Close to my siblings yes - my older brother has lots of instruments: guitars, bass guitars, percussion and my younger brother knows everything there is to know about Abelton - I fall in the middle and I’m also the middle child. So yes they play a role for sure.


Has art and music always been a big part of your life or were there other things in your life that interested you as a young girl?

I did a lot of dance, gymnastics and calisthenics, also horse riding, netball and piano - I was very interested in extra curricular activities as a young child. My parents were both artists so I veered toward music as I wanted to be different from them (I think). 

©Sepideh Farvardin

©Sepideh Farvardin


Can you share with us maybe something not many people know about you?

“I have no middle name, but I might invent one.”


You’re currently living in London is this home for now?? Or Maybe you would like to move somewhere else and why??

Actually I'm currently splitting my time between Brussels and London. I'm developing a fondness for Brussels as I grow older and my work becomes more sole charged. I really feel like a calmer city with nice work/life/studio conditions is a bit healthier going forward. Plus London is just up the road (I’ll be there a lot in May). We see, I think I’ll always love London and will probably fall back into the grind.

How is London treating you? Aside from music related tasks what does a normal week look like for you?

A normal week in London (when I'm there) ..... hmmm usually lots of socialising but I do try to keep my head down and work during the day. It's a very inspiring city but you must be careful not to get caught up in the whirlwind too much. 


Can you sum up your sound in a few words or less?

I span too many genres to answer this question aptly. At the moment modern classical and experimental electronic are probably exciting me the most. 

©Sepideh Farvardin

©Sepideh Farvardin

Are you writing or producing anything at this present moment?

“I just finished a project and am curious as to where I go next.”

What has been your favourite club/festival you have played at and why?

Probably Inner Varnika in Melbourne as I had a really appropriate time slot warming up for one of my best friends Moopie and then it went into Lee Gamble I think it flowed very well. I also really like playing the little clubs in London - lots of people hear my (weird) nts mixes and are intrigued about my club sets - so when they come out to see me play it's an interesting collision.

Also, Day Care, a monthly party I used to run with another DJ, Biscuit - of Good Morning Tapes.


what is on high rotation in your headphones right now?

Sibylle Baier, lots of pre-release material from friends from home that make music  (CS + Kreme, HTRK for e.g) - also theres a comp coming out called SPA which is great. Mark (Integriert Euch Nicht), Francis Dhomont, Tod Dockstader…

Describe your morning ritual?

Chat with Australians and drink lots of coffee. Listen to soft music. A walk in the morning means I hit the computer refreshed. 


©Sepideh Farvardin

©Sepideh Farvardin


If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

A bird - so I could fly 


WHat song would we hear at your funeral?

Probably Ave Maria - I think I decided this when I was quite young. 


Lord of the rings

lord of the rings

CTI - Dancing Ghosts (probably the song i’ve played more than anything in my life)


What’s your star sign?


Any Nice collaborations happening now or on the horizon?

Some work with a composer Jeanette Olivia Little - we spent a bit of time with a Buchla taking samples and are slowing piecing that together. Something with a London based double bass player/producer might take some form soon too. 

What are you looking forward to the most in 2019?

I have a (solo) mixtape coming out at the end of the month on a London label - Purely Physical - looking forward to that.

Also….warmer European weather. More podcasts coming out on Careful (a series I run). The release of some of the work I'm sitting on. Playing gigs/radio in the UK and Amsterdam. Writing new works. 

©Sepideh Farvardin

©Sepideh Farvardin