~ June 2019 ~


the gemini new moon occurring on the 3rd is marked by two seemingly conflicting aspects (in true gemini fashion). Gemini- the thinker, the communicator, the trickster, the joker. rapid fire, socially brilliant and able to function on many levels at once. If anyone understands duality, it is gemini. Ruled by mercury and ruler of the nervous system and hands/shoulDers, their dexterity is legend (Jeff mills is a gemini). New moons are blank slates where we can bring our intentions and project with greater force. The aspects around this one are certainly going to make things a lot spicier:


1, A three way trine in earth (venus in taurus and saturn and pluto in Capricorn), with two planets in their signs of rulership, gives a triple dose of grounding amidst the fun. Trines allow harmony between the functions of planets when we focus our intention on them. Our desires/loves (venus) are bought together with our structure/discipline (saturn) and our power/subconscious (Pluto) in a helpful way. We are likely to feel inspired by what we love on another level which is an excellent thing on this new moon, when gemini’s adaptability can help us find new ways of connecting it to the people.


2. A little less friendly is a big old T-square happening at the same time. If squares are tension, t-squares really pile it on - they’re a three way power struggle in signs of the same element. Here we have big mutable energy - mercury in gemini faces off against jupiter in sagittarius and neptune in pisces. This is where we have to jump off the fence and pick a side, but this astrology could make it difficult to distinguish the details. Everything is not as it seems. The jupiter neptune square is the second in a series of three that is flavouring 2019 (the first was in January and the last is in September). Put it this way: neptune is creativity and spirituality, but is also prone to addiction and disillusion. Jupiter is abundance and growth, but is prone to excess and overextension. throw in mercury in gemini and things are going to be cloudy. We may be involved in deception- we could be on the giving or receiving end, and it could involve deception of the self as much as anyone, as mercury rules the mind. The thing we need to aim for is awareness of our own mind tricks. This is a great time for cutting through them. Check the narratives in your mind, write them out - how real or helpful are they? Can they be edited to be more helpful to you? The answer is most likely that definitely they can.


How do we reconcile the energy of these aspects? We Come back to that trine, however possible. Come back to the body, and to some form of routine or ritual. In a t-square, the missing sign of the element can provide relief. How would virgo (mutable earth) deal with this situation? All these fanciful heavy hitters sure are ‘out there’, but do they ever get anything done (virgo might ask)? Can they be practical? The challenge here, as has been all year, is to sort out where the truth really lies. the truth regardless of what is swirling around us, the truth at the core. As psychological astrologer dani beinstein put it, the difference between feelings and intuition is that feelings come with a story, a charge. Intuition just is. so Get out of your head! Most of the things going on up their aren’t even real! come back to the body (the earth trine and the virgo solution would both agree on this). Connect with your senses. Use your voice, and be inquisitive.


A three way trine, a t square (three planets), a new moon on the third, in a three year (2019)… anyone else seeing a lot of threes? In tantric numerology, three is the positive mind. Connected to the third chakra, manipura is about empowerment - Having the courage and the authenticity to confront deficiency. Exactly what we are experiencing with this month’s energy, and a shining opportunity to step into action.


We’ll get a little taste of the vibe of the upcoming eclipses next month on the June full moon. It occurs in sagittarius, but is marked by several oppositions on the cancer/capricorn axis. Pluto and saturn in Capricorn will be opposing the north node, mars and mercury all in cancer (mercury shifts there on the 4th). this one is sure to kick up a lot emotion, but with the long term in mind. It may feel uncomfortable as we are being pushed to stretch beyond our confines. All the cancer energy will make it extra important not to shy away from what comes up. Do not suppress! there are diamonds in the unpleasantness. a saturn sextile neptune the day after the full moon (the second in a series of three beginning in January and ending in November) brings gumption to our dreams. having shifted into gemini on the 8th, venus will be helping us to keep our interactions playful, and encouraging us to venture where we might normally be afraid to. The sun shifts into nurturing cancer on the 21st, and Relationships are in focus as they relate to our freedom (sagittarius) to be who we really are. later, mercury into Leo on the 26th will stoke the creative fire.


Challenges are gifts. The more we worry or pray for their end, the more we miss out on their benefits. The mutable signs are masterful at overcoming things through their ability to adapt to any situation and innovate solutions. They are also masters of connection, gemini more than any other. If you’ve been experiencing the kind of low simmering anxiety that comes from resisting something crucial, now is the time to take it down. Doing anything grudgingly, though, negates the benefits. Acceptance means doing it willingly, even if it is the last thing you actually feel like doing. The decision to live this way is what puts us in our true power. Not the idea of it, but actually making the decision, and following through immediately. That is connection with your higher self. The degree of the struggle is equal to the size of the reward on the other side of it, and The obstacle really is the way. Make at least one big decision you’ve been avoiding before the eclipses come knocking in July, and you will be pleased that you diD.