~ July 2019 ~

“As if you were on fire from within, 

The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

Pablo Neruda, cancerian poet

July begins and ends on a new moon, a rare occurrence bookending two eclipses and a mercury retrograde. as a result this tiffin is on the dense side, so please try to bear with me. the portal opens on the 2nd with a new moon and total solar eclipse at ten degrees of cancer, which can be felt most directly for three days either side. sweet cancer- the nurturer, the mother, the moon; the intuitive, the creative, the mood-driven. they are gifted musicians, photographers and performers- for they have a way of intuiting the deepest current of human emotion and delivering it in a way that is digestible for all (cancer also rules the stomach and breasts and loves to feed people- both with food and ideas). 

Deeply sentimental and anchored to the home and family, cancer is cardinal (initiating) water (emotions). Peggy gou is ultra cancerian, and said that “Korea is my home town. It gives me energy. It charges me like a battery.” That’s the energy we’re talking about here- Plugging yourself into the biggest and most powerful charger you can imagine. This is a very potent time, so try to Be by the water somehow. the cancerian themes of home and family are loaded and layered with meaning. Many of us have more than one idea of ‘family,’ more than one idea of ‘home.’ For some these ideas are fraught with lack or distress (especially timely to consider what is happening here on a global scale). fill your home with the energy you want to bring into your life and use it as a microcosm for what you want to manifest over the next 18 months. Plant a garden- literally or symbolically. 

eclipses are huge astrological events that are long-building, meaning their effects can also take a while to be seen. What comes to the surface on and around the eclipse dates are issues that it’s time to face and release, in order to receive the full potential of what is on offer. eclipses arrive as great awakeners. How is your past recurring? The cardinal water energy of this eclipse urges us to take control of our present by cleansing ourselves of old stories and emotions. And because eclipses amplify the effects of their moon three times over, it’s much more available than usual. Remember that if these eclipses are hitting your personal chart the effects will be much more pronounced, but collectively we will all experience the shift. Solar eclipses are fresh beginnings, but they require your co-creation to be activated. Giving birth ain’t easy, and it sure ain’t passive. Find where you have cancer in your chart, and consider what this means for you. Strong cancer placements will be catapulted into new territory. Eclipses are wildcards, and often bring to life events seemingly beyond our comprehension. The only way to prepare for them is to live as authentically as you know how.



The inner planets are all dancing around cancer and Leo this month, keeping the energy very heart centred. Whilst cancer can be more clingy, Leo is quite the opposite - proud sometimes to the point of egocentricity. cancer is the moon and Leo is the sun. the nectar is in the midpoint between these two extremes, and we are invited to find it this month- Boundaries are key. where do I end and you begin, how can I keep that distance sacred, how can we love without destruction? mars enters Leo on the 1st (until august 31st), and venus enters cancer on the 3rd (until the 28th when she’ll also move into Leo). Mars and venus were traditionally represented as the masculine and the feminine, but these notions are becoming increasingly outdated. let’s instead think of mars as how we go after what we want, and venus as how we receive it- that’s yang and yin. Mars attacks, venus attracts. Venus in cancer is deep and meaningful, mars in Leo is brave and confident. beyonce has mars in Leo, which should help with an idea of how it feels! If you normally shy away from attention, you might suddenly find yourself in a spotlight of sorts, and enjoying it. Be brave and grab the microphone! Love is passionate and bold when mars is in Leo, a Nice counterpoint to all the water around. be mindful of narcissism though, a sure symptom of too much fire.

Mercury and mars, now both in Leo, have been conjunct (the point of merging functions) for weeks and continue to be for the first half of July, and as mercury enters its second retrograde of the year on the 7th (lasting until the 31sT). these two planets moving together can bring a strong sense of agitation, particularly with the sun in cancer forcing our emotions to the forefront. Be wary of this and especially going into the retrograde, acknowledge that sometimes silence is best. The retrograde will last until the end of the month, giving us both Leo and cancer flavours, and a chance to examine these parts of our psyche at length. We are in the shadow period at the moment, a time when it is best to check in on our communications and do our best to make sure we are being clear with the people around us, and honouring both parties by asserting boundaries where we need. Mercury retrograde can bring people and situations back from the past for renewed attention, which isn’t always a bad thing.

The mercury mars conjunction is occurring opposite saturn and pluto in Capricorn, giving us a preview not only of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn occurring later in the month, but also the saturn pluto conjunction of 2020. this is a time of powerful transformation, and a gateway into the next phase of our lives. Not light and easy, but so worth going after. This intensity won’t last forever, and it’s here to help us forge our dreams into reality. Deeply held pain is being released, because as evolutionary astrologer kaypacha says, we are birthing a new paradigm- but first we must get in touch with our needs and fears, our guilt and shame, and our grief- which saturn, ruler of Capricorn, presides over. Let the cancerian sun wash it all away.

Take this time to draw the curtains and reflect on what the themes of the month mean to you, because the lunar eclipse occurring on the 16th at 24 degrees of Capricorn brings an ending. what can you end that is draining your life force that would be better directed towards experiencing joy? Do it now (you may not have a choice in the matter, though. Eclipses can rip from us what, or who, should not be ours). The force is with you! (especially if you have strong Capricorn in your chart). What you release may free up space for a gigantic blessing, but you have to consciously make room for it first. capricorn always has the long term in mind, and comes with the heaviness of saturn wielding his tough love discipline. If you want to feel excellent, you have to live excellently. Cutting corners is not an option.




The sun shifts into the sign of the heart and the lion on the 22nd, and The month ends on a celebratory note as the July 31 new moon in fierce and triumphant Leo coincides with the end of mercury retrograde. Our creation can breathe, and the lines of communication are clear and open. share your message with the world (more on this in august). The final eclipses in this 2 year cancer-capricorn series occur midway through 2020, by which point we will be living the consequences of the events of this month. what would you like your life to look like by then?

Mystic Tiffin xxx