Jensen Interceptor


Mr Jensen Interceptor, A Man On A Mission, This Legend Has Hit The Electro Realm By Storm With His Continuous Output Of Solid Bangers. Theres No Sign Of This Dude Slowing Down With A Recently Cemented Record Label And Releases Coming Out Of His Ears. Read The Full Interview Below..

who is jensen and what is something not many people know about you??

My name Is Mikey, I'm not the mysterious type so I guess most people know everything about me.

what are your first, maybe fondest memories of when music started to become a huge part of your life???

Music became a huge part of my life in the early 90’s when i started buying and paying attention to it. I have fond memories of spending my afternoons in records stores after school including Central Station Records or Sanity listening and discovering new music.

biggest inspirations growing up??

NWA & Kraftwerk.

what was ma and pa’s influence in your life both on a musical level and in general??? positive / negative?

My mother is the sole purpose into everything i do with music and life and without her Jensen wouldn’t exist. She has supported me from day one and continues to do so. My love for Boney M comes from her and my love for the Gipsy Kings comes from my dad.

if we were to take a step back in time to the bang gang dj days, i think this is where my love for electronic music really blossomed, what were you up to around those times? did you have any involvement with the crew/did you know the guys well?

It's safe to say most of my Friday nights were spent at Bang Gang. My relationship with the boys started out as a frother and as the years went on we progressed into becoming friends. I owe those boy so much for forever changing the clubbing scene, musically and culturally in Sydney and to some extent in Melbourne. Before BG my experience in Sydney going to clubs wasn’t always a pleasant one. Just trying to get in was always an intimidating process as you had to dress a certain way, needed to have girls accompanying you, would only hear one type of music all night and if your sexuality differed from the people promoting the event there wasn’t the warmest welcome, if any. BG changed all that, no matter your age, race, gender or sexuality. Everyone was welcome and you would hear everything arranging from disco, house, techno, electro to hip hop through out the entire night. It was the best regular nightclub I have ever been to.

can you tell us about your previous alias light year, that you shared with your good mate jordan, how it all started and why it ended (for you)???

Jordan actually gave me my first ever DJ gig at a night he was running. After that experience I immediately wanted to make my DJ set better by editing tracks. I was able to do this as Jordan had Ableton and some synths and invited me to jam with him. Over time the edits turned into remixes then the remixes became original tracks which is how Light Year came to be. As it was the first project we ever did together, it was only natural over time the deeper we got into production and sound exploration that we would want to try different things and when that happened we both felt that our differences were not necessarily the right fit for Light Year. Looking back I think it was one of the best decisions we ever made and as a result we’re both in an awesome place musically.

as an artist i think it can be quite hard to change and evolve your sound once your labeled into a category or sound, i think you have managed to grow as an ‘electro’ artist in such a humble, organic and genuine manner, when you look back to your production as light year to now your jenson interceptor moniker there’s quite a difference, what are your thoughts on this?

Following on from the question above, I feel as though the deeper I got into sound exploration, the more self aware and confident I became about making the sounds I wanted to make. When I was doing Light Year I had no idea how to make electro or how to make those iconic Drexiyan sounds. It’s only after years of testing out different synths, drum machines and processing that I have figured out how to execute the sounds the way I desired.

tell us about your new record label international chrome, who’s involved, what’s the vibe?

International Chrome involves Assembler Code and myself. The vibe is electro in nature with club focus.

for anyone that doesn’t know what a chroma polaris is can you describe it and why you love it so much?

I love it so much because it sounds like 2 of my heroes, Aphex & Der Zyklus.

any bit of equipment your hanging to get your hands on??

A new mac book.

do you enjoy producing more then djing or is it a mutual love for both?

Mutual love.

what are your thoughts on the scene in sydney?? from what it was to what is it today?

I know a lot of old heads always say 'you should have been around for this party or that party' but the post lockout law generation have no idea how good we really had it. It's crazy thinking back there was I time my weekend started on a Wednesday Night and wouldn't finish until the following Monday night. There was always something on and sadly I don’t know if Sydney will ever return to that former vibrancy and with saying that I really I hope it does. Although I am so thankful for the people continuously keeping the dream alive and holding regular parties without being deterred by the governments bullshit policies like The House of Mince, Heavenly, Vibe Positive, Ghostly, Bizarro, undr ctrl, Motorik , Pure Space, Alien, OWT etc, apologies to those I've missed.  

could you see yourself moving cities?? if so…. which one and why?

I definitely see myself moving to Berlin as many people in the city have great love for the music I make and the friendships I have formed with many other talented artists based in the city makes it an easy choice. 

what’s on high rotation in your record bag or usb at the moment?

Assembler Code, The Exaltics, Textasy, Privacy, Sync 24, Animistic Beliefs, Credit 00, The Hacker And DeFeKT.

“bring the heat’ track??

Assembler Code - Simulant

chillaxing tune??

Dj Assault - Ass N Tittes

if you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

what would your spirit animal be and why?

The little Turkish boy dancing for the end of Eid Mubarak, If you ever catch me at a wedding or getting dressed you will know why.

what advice would you give to your 18 yr old self?

Stop chasing girls & get abelton.

any leads on when the debut album will be released, and any little hints on what to expect?

I don't want to give away too much but it is definitely geared towards the club, no release date yet but should have more info very soon.

whats the plan for the rest of the year???

In Europe right now on tour till November, still a few more releases coming & some more chrome.