~January 2019~

“I live not in dreams but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the future.”

~Rainer Maria Rilke~

Two eclipses, a massive stellium (cluster of planets) in Capricorn (the sun, the moon, mercury, saturn, Pluto, south node) and a good measure of Neptune spells a huge month for fully realising our deepest dreams and a turning point in taking charge of their fruition. Once the eclipse portals open, surrender control and don’t fight what arises. Whatever goes on at that time is there to guide us to the next level, so let go or be dragged. they can feel like a real slap in the face and drama of some kind is usually on the cards, which is often the best way to bring about a big shift.

Eclipses are change makers, they accelerate our lives in some way often by giving us something (solar) or taking it away (lunar). endings and beginnings are the themes. Solar eclipses fall on new moons and lunar on the full, and they basically supercharge the effects of each and stretch their effects out by about six months. They occur in a pair of signs on the same axis- polar opposites on the wheel- over a period of 1.5-2 years. So it follows that we will undergo big changes with the same central themes over that period, until we emerge anew from that particular arena. sometimes we will experience more than one axis in a year, necessitating even greater change. 

The key to navigating eclipse season with grace is to accept what you are being shown and to make your move from there. Commitment is the name of the game with Capricorn at the wheel. It’s helpful to think of the signs as ecosystems- for example there are three earth signs, but they all represent very different types of earth. Capricorn is cardinal earth, the dusty earth at the top of the mountain. It has the ability to see all around it, to see how all the pieces fit together, and how things will work out from its vantage point. that’s what makes it a boss, and gives it the reputation of the master planner of the zodiac. It does tend toward being dry and cold, though, so watch out for that. Don’t take your goals so seriously that you forget to enjoy the way there.

What are you truly willing to commit yourself to? External authority, or the authority of your own desire? What you think you are supposed to do or what you have always wanted to do? Current astrology wants us to accept that we can command true change in our own lives, and are never simply the victims of the tides. We have the ability to manifest anything we want, but there are certain laws that must be adhered to.

That is what Capricorn and saturn want us to understand- that we can have anything, but not everything. And there are certain steps and sacrifices to be made along the way. Question yourself as to how these themes are showing up in your life. Capricorn is cardinal energy. Mars is in aries- also cardinal. uranus - the change maker - goes direct on the 6th in earthen taurus. venus moves into sagittarius (fire) the day after. The sky is full of fire and earth, and these are inherently creative forces. This is the time to start something, to take responsibility for what you want and sew the seeds with integrity. resolutions made now will have more clarity than those made on New Years, so don’t be afraid to change them or rewrite them completely. Or if you Never bothered, now would be an ideal time to at least ponder them.

Jupiter and Saturn are the good cop / bad cop duo of the solar system, and this month dreamy Neptune is joining up with both of them in very different ways. When two planets make an aspect, their functions are either brought together (soft) or put into conflict (hard). We have two major neptune aspects this month, one soft and one hard. Jupiter in Sag squares Neptune in Pisces on the 13th (hard). We can think of squares like a power struggle, and with both planets in their home signs, this one will have a good deal of force behind it. Jupiter in Sag wants to make everything bigger and kick on until it falls down, and Neptune in Pisces is the sweet siren with a strong tendency toward escapism and idealism when not in balance. Watch out for this around the 13th, and do what you can to stay grounded in the intentions set at the start of the month around eclipse time. This square may try to convince us that they weren’t such good ideas after all, but hold tight and try not to get sucked into illusion- things will not be clear at this date, so avoid any major decisions and keep your head down.

On the 31st saturn in Capricorn sextiles neptune, and this is a special vibe- super soft, cooperative energy. our discipline and our dreams unite with ease and the path lights up ahead of us. Aquarius season will be underway by then too, with the sun illuminating our most forward thinking, problem dissolving faculties. A beautiful union of energies to close out the month.

~Source Unknown~

~Source Unknown~


“The Cosmos works for those who have discipline, who have longing, who have some goal to reach in their lives, and who make a constant, constant, constant effort to reach it. That is dharma. Dharma is in every day, in every action, on every side of the day. Don’t waste yourself into the maya of this Earth”.

~Yogi Bhajan~

So the equation goes:

Discipline / effort / goal (capricorn) + longing (neptune) = life’s purpose (dharma) 

It’s our job to figure out what it is and then to just do it. The universe only wants for us to realise our full potential, and does not punish us for missteps. Setbacks and heartbreaks are merely roadblocks to force us back in the right direction. Use the eclipses to harmoniously align yourself with change, the neptune aspects to go deep into your dreams, and the capricorn energy to map out a plan- an intricate plan. Work backwards from the goal. If it’s something you really want, there will be no excuse big enough not to go after it. By 2020 you will very likely be staring straight at it.

on the 21st, The lunar full moon eclipse in Leo will arrive as a huge closer of the series that began in August 2016 on the Leo/aquarius axis. Leo is me- my creative expression- and Aquarius is we- our creative community. take ownership of the creative ideas that you have been nursing over this time. It’s time to bring them forward with the unashamed pride of Leo, but in order to do so, you will have to let something go. The Aquarius sun here will make it clear what that is. Your contribution (Leo) is needed now, and the climate is enabling it more than ever. Commit to excellence and cut away that which does not further it - That is our medicine in 2019. saturn and Pluto will be making themselves well heard all year leading up to a life altering conjunction in 2020. Let’s make sure we’re ready for it.

Mystic Tiffin xxx