IV Drip 


INTRODUCING IV Drip aka Ivy Whittingham , A Sydney lass making some serious moves around town with an all star taste for the weird and wonderful, Get to know this beauty below.

Hey Ivy how are you feeling right now?

I’m pretty content right now actually!

If I asked your best pal to describe you in two words what would they be?

Ummm this is a bit tricky but probably a bit bossy and sarcastic lol, also pretty gullible.

When is your birthday and how old will you turn?

I actually just had my birthday! It’s on New Years Day and I turned 21.

Are you close with your family?? Is it just yourself or other siblings? Anyone in the family share similar passions or interests?

I’m pretty close with most of my family, my Dad lives in Perth but we still talk quite a bit. My Mum, Step-dad and sister all live in Wollongong so I try to go down and see them (and my cat and dog) as often as I can. Basically all of my family are musicians, my parents were in a band together in the 90s and continue to make music still - I really respect that they never gave up and got a ‘normal job’, it’s pretty inspiring to see them still doing what they love. Me and my cousin also DJ a bit together, he’s a couple of years older than me but when I turned 18 we realised we went to the same parties and liked the same music, luv u cuz <3


Did 2018 treat you well??? What was the most noteworthy memory of the year, either positive or negative?

It was okay! I had a lot of ups and downs mentally and physically, but I got to play a bunch of amazing gigs which I’m really proud of; putting on Giant Swan is definitely up there, becoming part of Nectar, getting asked to produce Pure Space, meeting so many amazing people and I also went to some of the most incredible parties/ festivals (a special mention to Echo Flats - I still feel fuzzy over that weekend). Overall though I had a pretty amazing year, even though some of it was really hard I came out of it feeling pretty proud of myself and happy with where I’ve ended up.

Growing up in Sydney, the best and the worst parts?

I actually only moved to Sydney a couple of years ago, I grew up about 2 hours south, in Wollongong. I’ll always love Wollongong but overall It’s a pretty average place, the majority of the music scene was obsessed with dumb surf punk bands and I always felt a bit stuck living there. I moved to Sydney when I was 18 and the lock out laws were already in place, so around 80% of my going out experiences have been in ‘secret inner west locations’, and they’ve all been pretty positive ones (about 90% of the time at least). I’ve been pretty lucky in the way that I’ve experienced Sydney as a young person, but I definitely think the lack of diversity and representation in Sydney’s scene is something that has to change, and I’d hope that 2019 is the year it does.

Describe IV Drip’s sound in a couple of words or less.

A little bit weird but also fun?  

How did Ivy become IV Drip?? Has music always been a huge part of your life?

Music has always been a huge part of my life, but I only really got into electronic music when I was 17/18. I think because before that my entire life had been so centred around band music, my parents were in bands as well as a lot of my extended family - so I felt like I always had this expectation to go down that road. It was really nice finding a part of the music scene that I felt comfortable in, but it’s really liberating not feeling like I have a family standard to live up to because no one in my family has ever really gone down the same road that I am.


I believe your booked through the girls at NECTAR? I’m aware they’re doing some incredible things? How do you think they have impacted Sydney’s night life??

It’s so important to have minorities not only getting booked for events, but curating them as well, and I think Nectar opening as an agency is gonna continue to make a huge impact on that aspect of Sydney’s nightlife. All the girls involved are so inspiring and encouraging, and I’m soooo so proud to be a part of it.

Who would you say you look up to the most, both musically and in general???

The Nectar girls are definitely a big inspiration for me, what they’re doing is so inspiring and encouraging and all four of them are doing such amazing things both in and outside of Nectar. It sounds kinda lame but I’d have to say my friends are probably the people I look up to most - we’re all part of such a strong community and it’s so lovely seeing everyone doing what they love so successfully. Also my Mum will always be one of the people I look up to most - both musically and in general <3

Favourite party/gig you have played to date and why?

Earlier this year I was asked to play at a doof put on by Dunj and Weird, two Sydney crews - I’d never been to a doof before but it ended up being one of the best gigs I’ve ever played and made me realise how much young, local talent we have in Sydney. Big ups to nadiA for playing one of the most immersing sets I’ve ever seen. More recently, I was part of an event called Community Chest put on by a bunch of local crews (Nectar, Vibe Positive, Heavenly + more) and it was incredible. We were all pretty down after the warehouse raids that happened at the end of last year so decided to throw a 15 hour party in spite of it. It was the most uplifting party I’ve ever been a part of, everyone was in such high spirits and honestly I’m still pretty lost for words.

Do you see yourself staying in Sydney for an extended period of time? Or are you thinking of moving on to somewhere else??

Yeah I think so, I can’t really imagine living anywhere else at this stage. I like being close to my family and I just moved into a beautiful house with three of my best friends so there’s no reason for me to change it up at this stage. I’d like to do a bit more travelling but at the moment I feel really at home in Sydney.

Are you strictly Djing at the moment?? Or dabbling in the production side of things?? Is this something of interest to you??

I’ve been moving around quite a bit over the past year so I haven’t really had a chance to settle down and start working on my own stuff - but I do have plans to! Also I spilt a coffee on my laptop a few months ago which has made it a bit tricky to start working on anything.

Can you play any instruments? Or have any motivation to learn one?

I grew up learning piano and guitar, but I’ve actually been a singer since I was really young. I’d really like to keep learning the piano though, or the drums!


What do you like to do when you are not out and about Djing around town?

I work quite a lot so when I’m not taking time off to play gigs I’m probably at home digging for music or watching Seinfeld. Either that or I’m having a dance somewhere.

What kind of music do you like to listen to in your down time?

It always changes! I’ve been listening to a lot of Noods Radio recently, there’s a heap of really great shows on there that play all sorts of amazing folk, jazz and weird experimental stuff. Some favourites of mine though would have to be Billie Holiday, Joanna Newsom, Crosby Stills & Nash and my all time fave - Animal Collective.

What are your go-to tracks at the moment, to name a few?

Sostegno - Dj Say

Cipher - Ziur

Ionosfeer - Abby Echiverri

What is the last thing that put a smile on your face??

My phone screen is a picture of my cat so I smile every time I open my phone (which is a lot lol). Also looking at videos from Community Chest has made me smiley all day :’)

One book, one movie, one track?

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Be Kind Rewind

1 Thing - Amerie

If you could be an animal what would it be???

A cat, obviously.

What are you most excited about for 2019??

I’m excited to do more with Headroom - a project Nat James and I started at the end of last year, we have some things in the works for this year that I’m super keen to get started on! I’m also just really excited to keep finding new music and hopefully start producing.

Any special new projects/collabs on the horizon???

Nothing else so far besides Headroom, so stay tuned!