Ines Alpha

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Who is Ines Alpha and what does she do???

Ines alpha is my artist name. I kept my birth name. Ines alpha does 3D art mostly and is specialised in what she calls “3D makeup”, which is a personal vision of makeup from the future.

Where did you grow up and what do you call home now??

I grew up in the suburbs of Paris with my parents. My home is now in the 18th district of Paris.

Have you always been interested in pushing the boundaries and trying new things? Would you consider yourself a risk taker?

I’ve always been keen on trying new things but i can’t consider myself as a risk taker. I’m a quite shy and not a self confident person. I’m honestly quite scared of change. Though I’m fascinated by people who are the opposite. Fearless, totally free. However, with time, I managed to overcome my extreme shyness. I think beginning my art career helped me a lot to put myself out there.

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Would you say there are other artists/designers that you have learnt off or been inspired by?

A lot of great artists inspire me everyday. Whether they do makeup, fashion, 3D, coding… The first one that really made me want to do what I do today is Vince Mc Kelvie. At the time he did a ton of crazy 3D gifs, blobs looping with amazing iridescent textures. One day, it was maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I sent him a message on Facebook to ask how he made them, thinking he will never have time to reply to a fan. He replied so nicely, and even sent me some 3D files. I will forever be grateful for that.

Do you have a special place you like to create?

I have a basic freelancer desktop with 20” screen, some pastels highlighter pen, a manga mouse mat and not a lot of mess :) I wouldn’t say I like to create there but as I work on a pretty big PC, i don’t have that much of a choice. I like to create on my computer anyway because I can directly start to experiment within the software.

Where did you passion for futuristic 3D makeup begin?

I am originally an art director in advertising specialised in luxury, fashion and beauty. I’ve always been fascinated by makeup. The numerous colours, the textures that can be mat or glossy or glittery, all the different skins and how they look when zoomed in… First I was having fun while learning 3D techniques and little by little, I started using model's photographs or videos to apply my 3D compositions. I think I would have loved to be a makeup artist so why not using my 3D skills to create my own vision of it !

Describe the creative process behind some of your work??

When I find an artistic connection with someone that is up to collaborate with me, I usually send a little technical guidelines document. I have some technical constraints that need to be implemented before the performer shoots the video so that the 3D magic can happen. Then when it comes to the concept, I can either get inspirations from the other artist, her/his own work, style, how they look, what they like. Sometimes they send me images they like or even sketches. 

Your not just a makeup artist you have also directed videos/film, can you share with us your involvement in these fields/ some things you have created???

I started making video clips when I met my boyfriend Panteros666, he’s a dj and club music producer. The first video we directed together was for his track called Baby F16. We were on holidays in Greece with two friends and the landscape was so amazing we made those black costumes and started filming. I added 3D creatures afterwards in post production. It was a lot of work and learning as well ! We truly loved the augmented reality style of this video clip so decided to push it further with the other ones : Clear and Meteociel. Clear was made with the help of a 3D post production company but we felt more comfortable doing everything ourselves so we came back to DIY with our first voyage vlog Meteociel. 

The project you worked on with Panteros666, HyperAlliance would have to be my favourite piece of work you have created, can you describe the intention behind it and how this idea turned into a reality??

First of all, thank you !! Panteros and I are true fans of the digital 3D art trend. We know and follow more and more new incomers that are very talented like Lambert Duchesne, Alpha Rats, Schwestern sisters… I guess we can say we’re part of that trend too ! Music wise, we bring forward all the rave and liberating aspects of club music from rave, to trance and house. We wanted to celebrate and share this scene so we thought of a show where you travel into our spaceship. Each track takes us inside a room. Each of its room has been designed by an artist. 

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- Talk to us about Paris??

Paris is a very nice city. Quite chill compared to other big cities like New York or London. It’s just a shame the the digital art scene isn’t very big here. 

- Talk to us about confidence?

I’m not really a confident person. I’m 33 and i’m still learning and trying to push myself to take risks ! I think confidence is something you can learn though it’s hard work if you’ve got child or teen trauma. Also people you hang out with can definitely help, or not, so chose wisely ^^

- Talk to us about beauty?

There are so many things to say about beauty. It’s evolving very fast. Now there are these two opposite and extreme trends : Express your inner self and embrace your flaws with or without makeup artistry VS Express your outer self and enhance it with plastic surgery and tons of makeup enhancers. I think if plastic surgery and makeup can help people feel more confident it’s cool even though I’d rather see people love themselves for how they were born. Plastic surgery is just a symptom it’s not the disease. Beauty standards still definitely need a lot of improvements. 

- Talk to us about boys?

I’m in Seoul right now, and I’ve seen a makeup brand completely unisex, showing girls and boys with makeup and lipstick. I thought that was super cool. My boyfriend won’t wear eyeliner yet but I like the idea of blurring the frontier between girls and boys in beauty. 

What puts a smile on your face?

Cute fluffy furry animals <3

Are you reading anything at the moment?

I’m reading a book about womens sexuality.

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Aside from art and design do you have any other passions/loves???

These last years I’ve been into growing plants even though I don’t have a lot of room to do it. I have baby tomatoes, peas, mint, basil, broccoli… I never get enough to eat from but it’s still very satisfying ! It’s crazy to see what nature gave us. life.  

I also like to make phone cases, glueing little toys like japanese characters or Barbie heads, pearls, broken CDs. But these days new phones are too big for these kind of cases :(

Favourite place in the world? And why?

I had the greatest time in August in Stockholm archipelago. On a little island called Üto. We did everything by bike. We stayed in a little typical Swedish wood house in the forest where you shower outside, deer watching. One minute walk from a little beach where the water was very cold but the view was so inspiring, rocks diving in quiet water. I also loved this place because of a bakery that makes delicious Kannelbulle which are cinnamon buns !

Any exciting new projects coming up for you? 

I’m working on a digital mirror for an event where everyone is gonna be able to wear one of my 3D makeup. Hope that’s something I can make more and more. Really looking forward the result of it. Also a new video clip I’ve made in collaboration with NDA, an art direction studio in Paris, is coming out soon !

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