One of Melbourne’s finest, the don we all know as Harold or Harrison to some, gets deep and real. A remarkable talENT THIS DUDE CAN DO NO WRONG, GET TO KNOW THis mysterious and captivating lord below.

Who is Harold and what something not many people know about you??

Harold is the superordinate of my auditory identities. I'm a vegan and am transitioning to a plastic-free lifestyle. These are great behavioural choices not only for the environment, animal rights and health in general but is also hugely empowering.

Through the everyday problem solving that comes with these choices I have learnt so much about the world around and have had to do a lot more for myself, teaching me actually what goes into a lot of the things I have taken for granted.

What are your first, maybe fondest memories of when music started to become a huge part of your life???

The earliest memory I have at the moment is my parents playing me the Paris Texas soundtrack by Ry Cooder to get me to sleep. When I turned 5 I started classical guitar lessons, from then music was routine.


Biggest inspirations growing up and why?

0 – 5 Power Rangers, 5 – 10 Stunt People, 10 – 15 Ged Sparrowhawk, 15 – 20 Donato Dozzy, 20 – now Connor Gibson (still growing)


What was Ma and Pa’s influence in your life both on a musical level and in general??? Positive / Negative?

Their influence has been and still is immense. From having me play music from an early age, to coming to Pleasure Planet and Steeplejack events. Both their individual tastes in music have had big impacts on my own and fuelled my interest in digging from the start. They have also had to listen to me complain and help me unpack club culture and politics and music business for longer than anyone else and that may be what I’m most grateful for.


You have put together an assortment of 10/10 parties, namely Club Derange and Pleasure Planet, to name a few, was this something you always wanted to do? Or did it happen organically?

Running parties started out of necessity. I was straight out of high school and forging my first club relationships. We wanted to Dj and needed a platform, this Is when I started Steeplejack and the Huff'n'Puff chimney which ran as a monthly at New Guernica for a couple of years before migrating to The Mercat (rip). Huge shout out to New Guernica especially Percy and Jaff! We worked together for 6 years with me playing as a weekly resident on Thursdays for 5 and a half of them. I owe them a lot and wouldn't be the Dj I am without their support. In regards to Club Derange and Pleasure Planet it happened pretty naturally. I was just a Dj at Pleasure Planet initially and was brought into the organisational fray towards the end of the first year. We are doing one last 24+ hour Pleasure Planet March 23-24 as now Lounge is (rip). With Club Derange I was approached by Simon TK, Paul Jager and Merve after they wrapped up their XOXO party at Hugs&kisses (rip). I'm so honoured and humbled to have been apart and still be apart of these incredible parties. It's been an unbelievable run with enough memories to fill a lifetime!

What would you consider the key ingredients for throwing a damn fine party???

A point of difference, diversity, timing, an understanding of what is happening in the scene around you, so many things are and so many things don't have to be so it's hard to say. Having a clear definition of what you want to achieve and knowing what kind of party or event you want to throw is helpful. Being able to achieve personal success as well as social success is very important to maintaining a healthy relationship with this kind of work.


Steeplejack is your record label… if you had three words to best describe the vibe what would they be?

Living, synergising, Moving!

Why the name Steeplejack?

It's a homage to a family business. My Grandmother's Grandfather's family were Steeplejacks in England so when he moved to Australia he contiuned as a Steeplejack. His son Albert, my Nans father followed in his footsteps along with three of his sons Albert, Ritchie and Jack.


You have a fantastic show, titled Fautlines streaming via Skylab Radio, can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration for the show?

The show is named after a theory that Ham Laosethakul and I have been working on regarding a sonic faultline that runs through Melbourne, from Coburg to Fitzroy and Collingwood, through the city and across to Richmond and South Yarra. The faultline effects the sound quality the speakers are able to produce and our current consensus is that it has to do with the topographical characteristics of the landscape that effects the air pressure which in turn is creating a vacuum. One extreme idea is that Melbourne is a total vacumm and what we are hearing is completely in our own heads, we are just listening to ourselves. The reason it is such a mystery is that all the sound technicians, venue owners, promoters, speaker companies boast about their system or their new gear or that 'everything has just been tuned' and sometimes something about a crypto currency but no matter what it will still sound like you're in Melbourne. This is why it has to be something outside of human control, like a sonic faultline! These ideas have been being researched for years and the show allows us to present a stylised interpretation of our findings.

You have recently relocated to Darwin, how you finding it so far? The best and the worst parts?

Darwin has been great. I have met incredible and inspiring people that I would not have otherwise and feel refreshed and radicalised about things that have always been important to me but seemed to always fall to the wayside. The worst part is being away from friends and family. The best part has been gaining the clarity to be able to reassess my relationship with music and to be able to focus on the aspects I'm truly passionate about.


Could you see yourself leaving Australia completely? If so….where and why?

I have toyed with this idea for years. I think if I was to keep doing music full time I would want to go over seas however this sentiment is rooted in the romantic notion of it 'working out' overseas. At the moment I'm exploring new and old interests and am very content with this while I recharge after my time working in the club scene. I am however going on holiday to Europe for a few months this year and am excited to see what that brings about.


What’s on high rotation in your record bag or USB at the moment?

Richard Devine's LP Sort\Lave on Timesig and Subskan's Ambidextrous Asylums LP on Hymen are two albums which have been on my dongle for the last little while. In fact, these two albums represent a style I've been completely immersed in of late. ASC's Astral Projection LP has just been added and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Plus a lot of Cutting Room!


What would your spirit animal be and why?

The fox. I've always seen them during times of mental revelation and change which has led me to have quite an affinity with them.

What advice would you give to your 18 yr old self?

Make sure you un-enroll before the census date!

One book. One movie. One track.

The Earthsea Trilogy - Ersula Leguin, Manufactured Landscapes – Jennifer Baichwal, Building – Phillip Glass (all versions)


If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Any special new projects/collabs on the horizon for 2019??

With the closing of many Melbourne night clubs and the immanent demise of Melbourne's free party scene with ever increasing shut downs with the use of over the top police dramatic police presences I have started working on a V.R.R (Virtual Reality Rave) system or V.R for short. When there is no place left for us in the 'real world' we must look to the digital frontier. It's only in it's infancy at the moment but the idea is to use virtual reality to create safe dance spaces for like minded people who have literally no place else to go.

There will be virtual alcohol, virtual drugs, virtual dj's, but the connections, emotions, dancing and music will all be real! I'm currently reaching out to digital music platforms for sponsorship and advertising rights eg. Bandcamp, Soulseek, Beatport. With Virtual Dj already having confirmed partnership. I would love to hear peoples ideas about the project so please get in touch about this and the Sonic Faultline research!

Back to reality though..

'We' at Club Derange are launching a label which will come to light this year which is really exciting. Aside from that the plan is to get a few of 12”s out on Steeplejack and some other cultural paraphernalia but due to our classic delayed style lets draw this questions out to include 2020 as well..