© Karl Halliday

©Karl Halliday


Introducing Izzi Cocks aka DJ MUM a lovely lass thats making some seriously huge moves down here in Melbourne, an absolute force to be reckoned with she is quickly marking herself into the scene and does so with a hot new flavour. Get to known this deep dark JUngle Lady below…

Hey Izzi how are you feeling right now?

I’m feeling pretty relaxed and warm right now.

If you had three words to best describe yourself what would they be?

A (really) turbulent ENFP.

When is your birthday and how old will you be ?

I’m turning 21 on the 30th of October

Are you close with your family?? Is it just yourself of other siblings? Anyone in the family have any involvement in music??

My family happens to be made up of some of my favourite people on the planet, so I definitely feel close with them. I was lucky enough to grow up with two beautiful big bros, both of whom informed my musical taste, although in very different ways. Most of my dance music knowledge originated from my brother Seb, and early days of listening to Kraftwerk in each other’s bedrooms. He’s a much more chill, ‘life’s a beach’ kinda guy though so we tend to diverge when it comes to my taste for jungle/dnb. My older brother spends most of his days writing poetry and listens to only classical music, but a lot of influence has come from that world as well.

I believe you come from quite the music background yourself, dabbling in a little bit of jazz when you where younger??? Do you still play anything?

Yeah! I don’t know if I ever reached a particularly proficient level in any instrument, but I actually grew up as a classical pianist and spent most of my time as a kid training up on that. In high school I played a lot of jazz on the sax because somehow we managed to find a pretty bustling culture of it within my close friends. I owe so much to my teachers and friends from that school, we got some pretty incredible opportunities playing music with each other. I still play piano sometimes as a sort of self-indulgent therapy session. Although, I must admit sometimes I get frustrated by how much my skills have deteriorated so it might not be all that therapeutic.

Growing up in Melbourne, the best and the worst parts?

Best parts – surrounded by dope people who actually think about things a lot (I might’ve just found a particularly good bubble though), and a really, really special music industry. I think Melbourne does an amazing job of nurturing and encouraging so many different growing musical scenes and acts, it’s small but I think I like that bit the best.

Worst parts – myki fares, lack of appreciation for/understanding of Indigenous Australia, constant building of big highways on beautiful land.

Could you see yourself living in another country/city and why??

Last year I went to Buenos Aires by myself for a couple weeks and pretty much fell in love. There’s book shops that sell wine at every corner, and a really cool underground electronic music thing going on. Sort of like Melbourne, but with extra tango and empañadas, I’d love to be there for a while.

Describe DJ Mum’s sound in a couple of words or less.

Uncomfortable but I like it?

©  Karl Halliday

© Karl Halliday


Seeing as your pretty new to the scene can you tell us a little about how DJ Mum has come to be??

It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind. Somehow a lot of hours fiddling with decks in my bedroom has now translated onto a much bigger stage, which still feels pretty surreal. I owe a lot to fortunate coincidences and being in the right place at the right time. But as I said, Melbourne is unique in its ability to foster new artists and sounds, so maybe I should just thank the city itself. I do still feel some intense imposter syndrome about it all, but realising that might just be a part of growing up.

Can you tell us where this love for deep dark jungle music developed??

I’ve always been more interested in the darker sounds of techno and experimental music. I remember being so mind-blown when I first listened to people like Alva Noto, Blawan and Aphex Twin of course. My love for jungle probably began with the big ones like Source Direct and EZ Rollers (most things on the Moving Shadow label for that matter), but it’s expanded quite a bit over the past couple years. Now I’m obsessed with artists like Overlook and DAAT, who tend to represent my ideal intersection between dnb and techno, I think there’s some really exciting stuff going on in that area.

Biggest inspirations both musically and generally speaking???

I’d say dBridge and his label Exit Records has been a constant sort of life blood for the sounds I’m exploring at the moment. I’m also constantly inspired by so many female and non-binary artists out there, including icons like Inga Copeland and Deena Abdelwahed, for shining the light on so many marginalised voices. I’ve including a few of their tracks in this mix actually. More generally, my mum’s pretty much a boss who inspires me daily.

As a selector it’s really important to be expanding your music knowledge and digging and delving, how do you go about this?

Most of my digging and listening is a pretty private affair. I actually used to feel really self-conscious about that whenever it came to the age-old DJ naming circles, since I often felt like I had nothing to contribute. But since gaining some small bits of confidence, I’ve found the whole digging process even more exciting by sharing it with some other brilliant minds in the Melbourne scene. To answer the question properly, I find most of my music exploring time is spent on the internet, listening to podcasts like the Autonomic ones and any Discwoman release. There’s rarely a point in the day when I’m not listening to music, which is a huge benefit of being a full-time student. I also do a little vinyl digging with my brother here and there.

What do you like to do when your not out and about playing tunes?

I do some hard-core waitressing and study anatomy on the side, although I’d say I spend a fair bit of time just reading and drinking tea with my beautiful housemates.

What kind of music do you like to listen to in your down time?

I listen to a whole bunch of stuff in the downtime, from experimental ambient sounds of Mika Vainio to a lot of DJ Krush style trip-hop. Mum would be devastated if I didn’t mention Rodriguez or Nick Cave or any of her influences. It really depends on my mood and how much I want to concentrate on what I’m reading or doing.

What are your go to tracks at the moment, to name a few?

Overlook is probably my go to artist at the moment, favourite track – Residual. Also forever obsessed with Paradox’s ‘Toprock’, just so cool in every way possible.

Death row meal?

I’ve been told I have the palate of a 5 yr old, but probably that French cereal with chocolate shavings all over it.

What is your least favourite thing about humanity??

An exaggerated sense of entitlement – to other people’s land, other people’s bodies etc.

What is the last thing that put a smile on your face??

Seeing a really young girl reading an engineering textbook here in the library 5 minutes ago.

If you could be in one place listening to one song right now what would it be?

Mallacoota listening to Kate Bush – Running up that hill.

What’s on the horizon for DJ Mum?

I have a few exciting gigs coming up in November and December around Melbourne, one in Sydney too, which should take up my time until I hopefully pass some exams. After that I am hoping to look at a production direction as well. Primarily though I’ll probably just keep listening to some weird dark music and see where it takes me.