~December 2018~

“The trouble with the people on this planet is they refuse to think they refuse to believe anything except what they know” 

Sun Ra -  Prophetika Book One

©Source Unknown

©Source Unknown

It is not what we know that is going to propel us through the glass ceiling, but what we feel - our intuitive capacity and the courage to act upon it. The acceptance that what’s in the sky is in us, that the planets are simply parts of our psyche - archetypes/ psycho-spiritual functions - is such a profoundly comforting and nourishing thing. Once we have accepted this, it also means we can command this planetary energy, and use it to attract what we want instead of repelling it.

Being aware of the planetary transits does not mean we submit our free will to them, rather that we are accutely aware of the climate so that we may direct our will in the most efficient way. have a look around - what we think we know as humans isn’t working. We are at the forefront of a new paradigm and it’s our job as conscious people to see beyond the polarities of daily life and tune into something bigger. To put aside our neuroses and get on with it. to me it is ignorant to believe that we are /not/ directly affected by the cosmos, not the other way around.

December begins with another burst of Scorpio energy as Venus re-enters here on the 2nd, joining retrograde Mercury who re-entered on the 1st. Following Venus’ recent retrograde here we are already accustomed to the energy, acclimatised to its deepness. Venus is how we love, and scorpio is fixed water. Fixed signs are rooted in something- ‘I am what I am’- take it or leave it type energy. Water signs, though, are fluid. They are all about the emotional body, and feelings, which can be difficult to stabilise by nature.

Water signs crave connection, and scorpio needs it on a deeper level than any other- it is about power through merging, which is where they get their impressive sexual reputation from. Try to remain aware of this strong undercurrent in our interactions, as not everyone is equally adept at handling it- it can inspire clinging or fleeing. Try to meet it in the middle. That’s the sweet spot. There is power in what we know and can control, there is powerlessness in what we don’t know and can’t control. Allow relationships to remain playful so that they may reach a pleasing depth.

© Moonrise kingdom

© Moonrise kingdom

Probably the most welcome thing about this month is the end of the 2018 retrograde olympics. A rarely unrelenting and overlapping series of retrogrades has bought an intense season of endings, changes and setbacks- but it’s all letting up now. Mercury goes direct in scorpio on the 6th, and there will be NO retrogrades at all until March next year. Instead of walking into the wind, it will be behind us, pushing us along on what now resembles something a lot closer to our authentic path.

Fueling the forward motion is a whole lot of sagittarian energy. The sun and Jupiter are already lighting things up here, and they are joined by a new moon in sag the day after mercury direct, on the 7th. The sky is a blank slate and the energy is mutable fire. The mutable signs are the change makers, the adaptors, the ones who take the lessons and structures of the fixed signs and push them forward. Sagittarius is in charge of meta concepts. Big global stuff- literally anything is possible at this point. Jupiter is the great benefic- the bringer of blessings. It wants you to jump off the cliff. Courage will be rewarded now more than ever, especially going into 2019- a 3 year (2+0+1+9=3). 3 is naturally optimistic, expansive and strong. Dream as big as you possibly can on this new moon- made even more magical by an alignment of Mars and Neptune in Pisces. This is very special energy. Be open to miracles. get really really clear on what it is. Write that shit down. Visualise it. it absolutely will happen if you allow it. 

The sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st, bolstering the intentions of seeds planted during the supercharged sagittarius season. Capricorn is cardinal earth. It is initiator energy, and it gets the job done like no other. Capricorn is the top of the mountain, and it can see clearly how everything fits together. Now is not a time to sit back on our laurels. a rare second full moon for the year in cancer (the first one was on New Years day) brings another wave of water on the 22nd, and we are likely to feel super emotional at the events of the last 12 months. Reflect, integrate and point that energy forward. On New Years eve, mars moves home into Aries- pure warrior, just do it ting. This means that Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and mars will all be in their signs of rulership as 2019 begins. Things are looking swell up there and as above, so below. Use the planets as stepping stones and see where it goes. as sun ra would say, we are troubleshooters of the universe.

~Turn it UPP~