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Introducing Miss Chiara Kickdrum, one of the biggest female forces circulating the techno scene in Melbourne. A lady of many crafts a super talented composer, a damn fine selector and an equally as boss musician. She can do no wrong in my books. Get to know this beautiful human below.

How was growing up in Torino? The things you miss the most and the ones you don’t miss at all???

I actually grew up in Chieri, a little town 10 minutes drive from Torino, but used to spend a lot of time in Torino, especially during uni. The things I miss the most are my friends, food, the history of the city, the architecture and art.. What I don’t miss is the cold winter weather, italian TV, politics, and how close minded Italians can be..

Why the big move to Australia 10 yrs ago??

I moved here in 2004 with a working holiday visa. My brother moved here in 1999 and convinced me to come spend some time with him to pursue my musical career in Melbourne.

Are you close with your family, do you have fond memories growing up with them?

We are a very close family. My parents moved to Australia 5 years ago. A lot of amazing memories growing up for sure..

Huge congratulations on the score you composed for All These Creatures, The Film that won the Palme D'Or at the Cannes International Film Festival this year! Can you talk us through the process and your interest behind your composition works? I’m aware your doing some work for Electric Dreams studio?

Thank you. It has been an incredible and almost surreal experience. I have always been interested in composing music for film. I am classically trained in piano and grew up writing and listening to a lot of classical music. I started writing music for TV commercials at Electric Dreams a few years back. I still do work with them from time to time, but I am freelancing at the moment with my studio setup at home. In the last couple of years I have composed music for TV shows and finally soundtracks for films. It’s been a natural progression and, although I still enjoy doing commercial work, my ultimate goal is to be able to compose music for film full time.

Obviously very different things.. Is composing something you enjoy more then DJing or a mutual love for both?

I get asked this question quite a lot. Playing music for an audience can be just as rewarding as composing original music.. I love both, but in different ways.

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When you play live what does your set up involve? Any fav machines or bit of gear?

I usually use my laptop, drum machine, a synth and a midi controller. The piece of gear that’s never missing is my Elektron Analog RYTM drum machine.

Favorite party/gig you have played to date and why?

It will have to be Meredith Music Festival in 2016. It was a very special gig. The venue and huge crowd is something I haven’t experienced since.

You seem to absolutely live and breath music, you can see you’re a passionate lady, where do you think this passion came from?? Is music something you have always wanted to pursue or has there been other things you have dabbled in?

I started singing in public at the age of 5 and playing piano when I was 7. My mum used to sing in a local choir and my dad used to play a lot of records (classical music and opera). I’ve always dreamt to be a musician, but I guess I never really take it seriously until a few years ago. After moving to Australia I did a few different jobs before started doing music again only 5 years ago.

Having seen you play several times, I know you’re a massive electro/ Detroit techno head, do you remember your first encounter with this genre? Who got you hooked on it?

I owe my knowledge and love for Detroit techno and electro to my first Aussie boyfriend, Martin. He had a huge collection of records. Techno, electro, house, funk, hiphop.. He used to play them to me all the time and show me some DJing techniques, although I was never a good student. I didn’t start DJing until 5 or 6 years ago. I remember spending a lot of time going through his collection when he was at work. That’s definitely when I got hooked on it.

I know there is a pretty amazing techno scene in Italy, were you exposed to this sound before you moved to Melbourne or it was Melbourne who introduced you to it?

I only used to play classical and jazz piano back in Italy, so I have never experienced the techno scene there. Melbourne is where it all started.


Tell me about these death metal bands you use to play in? is this something that would be of interest to you now?

Haha. You’ve done your research! That’s a chapter that I don’t think I’ll reopen again, but you never know :) I started playing in metal bands when I was 14. The last couple of years before moving I even played keys and was the singer in a Deep Purple and also a Toto-only tribute band. I still listen to some metal and rock music, but in small doses..

Being classically trained I’m sure you have a huge appreciation for it, what are your go to composers?

Philip Glass, Hans Zimmer, Trent Reznor (not very classical but still one of my favourites). Olafur Arnald and Johnny Greenwood are some of the most inspiring composers of our time for sure. And Jóhann Jóhannsson, who unfortunately suddenly passed away a few months ago.

You recently got chosen for the MESS artists in residence program, can you tell us a little bit about it, did you enjoy it? What did you gain from it?

It was a fantastic opportunity. I had 24/7 access to the studio and spent hours in there, going through sounds, working with some of the best hardware analog, modular and digital machines. These are beautiful expensive machines that the average person cannot afford.. It’s definitely allowed me to look outside the square and take my work to a whole new level. I was able to explore part of my practice I didn’t know before, pushing me to grow and evolve as an artist. Highly recommend checking the space out.

Do you see yourself staying in Melbourne for an extended period of time? Or are you thinking of moving on to somewhere else?

 I am thinking of moving overseas, but nothing planned yet. I have good things happening here for now. I am definitely planning to do more travel in 2019 to seek new opportunities, especially for composition. I would also love to DJ more overseas and play live. If I move somewhere, it will be New York, Berlin or Paris, or maybe back home in Torino..

How do you go about discovering new music and finding new records? Any favourite stores here in Melbourne?

I mainly shop online on Hardwax, Clone, Discogs.. In Melbourne I go to Hub 301 or Profile Music. Network Connection Records in Sydney has also some really nice stuff.

How do you relax ?

I practice Yoga and meditation. And love my glass or 2 of wine with dinner..

What are your go to tracks/artists at the moment, to name a few?

The Abstract Eye - Nobody Else Unit Moebius - 200
Dawl - TRK 1
Dexter - Patternmaster
Oscar Mulero - Waiting for Robert Pain Silicon - V9932

What’s your star sign?


Are you reading anything at the moment?

The Roaring Silence. John Cage: A Life written by David Revill

What’s on the horizon for Chiara Kickdrum??

In the next few months I’ll be doing some work for film, dance and theatre, collaborating with choreographers and directors, as well as a working couple of remixes and personal releases.


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