Born in Perth, now Based in Leipzig, introducing Reece Walker AKA Carmel. one busy dude, he runs R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings label and Co-runs the label Bitterfeld he is also Half of production duos Senate, Czechowski, EBS and Fishermans Friend.

Walker is also very well equip in the production realm, with some super tight releases last year including my personal fav, ‘Georgia’ an ambient stunner released via the ever trusted, Lobster Theremin.

He has put together a very special mix one that takes us right back to the 90s with a slither of IDM for good measure. It really is a treat for the ears. Sexy and sublime with the right amount of heat, just the way i like it.

Featuring tracks by Los Hermanos, Lou Karsh, DMX Crew, Code 6, Symbols and Instruments, the Kosmic Kommando, Underground Resistance and many more.