Bjarki - ( . )_( . )

Iceland’s lord almighty Bjarki has just given us the heads up that his debut album is coming our way very shortly via Berlin imprint !K7 Records. Titled Happy Earthday its already captured my attention with a recently issued sexy little slice of whats to come.

Diving deep into the mans heart and soul we get a glimpse of something quite contrasting compared to his older production. Rather known for his straight forward bangers or classic IDM sound, Bjarki has really plunged into deeper waters, thoroughly refined and the end result is stunning.

The track below is A snippet of whats to come, titled ( . )_( .) it oozes atmos, textual bleeps and blops layered over driving drums that push you forward, it builds and inspires. Possessing power but still remains delicate, a supreme connection to nature and surroundings is detected.

Beautiful energy from start to finish, absolute cracker of a track.

Pre order the album via this link >>>>>>