~April 2019 ~


Knowledge is not power

Knowledge is potential power

Clarity is power

(Paraphrased from Tony Robbins’ ‘personal power’)

As mercury resumes regular motion and we slowly emerge from the shadow (ending April 16) of last month’s tumultuous retrograde, we are backed by the sun in the most direct sign of all- that go-getter, aries. whatever came up for review during the retrograde (which for so many was highly emotional) is hopefully now in the process of being actioned, providing us with clarity on the next step. Integration is key! All the tears and upsets in the world count for zilch unless we are kind enough to address their cause! So Be sure to give yourself the time and space to integrate the lessons learnt or to peep through the doors newly opened. it’s not enough to know how to fix something- clarity on why something needs to be fixed is essential. knowing that you need to eat healthy, for example, isn’t enough to lose weight. you need to be clear on the why, and to see it so clearly in the mind’s eye that it is almost tangible. 

Why do so many of us struggle to do what we know is best for us (whatever that may be)? there are enough entities in the world trying to take our power away, and we sure don’t need to add to that by taking it away from ourselves. Make a commitment to stop stealing your own power by acting out of alignment, and consider ways to fortify it. Because quite frankly, we are going to need all the power we can get this month.

have you noticed that a lot of people seem to be weirdly angry lately? The guy at work who tries to blame an equipment fault on your supposed lack of ability? people complaining a lot about something that is seemingly pointless? Others raising their voices without any real reason, or using plain aggression to assert their dominance? Heaving breathing, whinging, muttering? This is the shadow of aries. Aries is ruled by mars, and mars is the god of /WAR/. 

Now there are many different types of wars, but the one worth fighting can only be approached nonviolently. War is a manifestation of the suppression of wounds. Anger towards others is more often than not a symbol of deep rooted depression. When you are struggling to make sense of why someone would treat you a certain way, try and think about it like that. No, this is not an excuse. No, this definitely does not mean we should not feel and express anger as with any other emotion. Simply that The outside world is a hologram that we project our inner worlds onto. Ever heard that saying ‘your perception of me is a reflection of you?” If something is making you angry, have enough strength of character and respect for others to really consider why it is so. Quite often the thing that is irking us is just a symbol for something we have swept under the carpet and are making a point of avoiding. The first new moon of the astrological new year occurs on the 5th and is practically begging us to get clear on what is blocking us. an aries in alignment is an unstoppable force.

this month a coupling of that aries energy with a conjunction of the south node of the moon and pluto (exact March 24 - April 19, but echoing for months either side) results in a recipe for some serious potential shit storms. Whilst aries is undeniably passionate, brave and pioneering, he can also be a bit of a baby, being the first child of the zodiac. a focus on ‘me’ and ‘what I want’ gives him both his reputation as warrior/survivor yet also as an impatient, at times overly selfish and aggressive being. (Pronouns used are in line with the Ancient Greek mythology of astrology). Every sign has a shadow side and this is no different, but expect it to be activated in many with this conjunction. The nodes of the moon are a fascinating subject and represent the pathway of the soul- both what we are moving away from (south node) and going towards (north node- always opposite on the wheel in a chart).

The south node is said to be something we already have experience with, and is linked to past pain concerning our roots; where we’ve come from (again adding to the ‘childlike’ energy of the month). Pluto is quite literally the ruler of the underworld (a less friendly way to say it would be hell). Needless to say This is going to be a challenge. We could be forced to see people being undone by this energy, and inevitably there will be some destruction. Pluto is death, But he is also transformation- “It’s Only once we have lost everything that are we free to do anything” (chuck palahnuik, fightclub). that’s not to say we’re all going to lose everything, but it may be a motif for the death of persistent useless evils that are not serving us. Pluto is the soul’s core evolutionary intent. Pluto is spiritual riches, and these don’t come easy. Things that come to the surface now are things that need healing and love, and with Chiron also recently in aries, these will start to become more and more obvious. So please try to be gentle, with yourself and with others. Caring for another is caring for yourself. 

So what does this actually look like, and how do we deal with it? Basically, like being confronted by our subconscious demons- Thought patterns that have been lurking since childhood where we picked up an idea or habit that mutated into something profoundly unhelpful (something like “I’m not _______ enough to deserve love/money/success/my preferred home or career”). There are a few ways to deal when you meet one, be it your own or another’s: Firstly by just being aware of it. Secondly by accepting that awareness is really the key to removing its power over you, and lastly by acknowledging that you cannot solve a problem at the same frequency it was created. When they go low, we go high, so to speak. You never know who you are inspiring by being a beacon of light amongst a sea of grumps. So do what you need to do in order to maintain that light, and do it often, everyday with discipline ideally. And if your light is dim right now, protect and nurture it back to health. Your light is your place of safety. Storms hit to wash away the old and make way for the glorious new. Let it go. What is meant for you cannot be kept away.

A rare second consecutive full moon in libra occurs on the 19th, the day before the sun shifts into sensual, grounded taurus. This is a time for earthly pleasures and warm hugs. Slow movers jupiter, pluto and saturn all begin their long retrogrades this month (on the 10th, 24th and 29th respectively), giving us time to go over the finer details of our biggest plans. this will allow us to slow our roll and make sure what we are creating has the integrity and the structure to go the distance. A keen inward eye will be rewarded greatly.

xxx mystic tiffin

~The sound of April - deep space voyaging~