Anna Mond

Anna Mond is one fantastical lady, the creator of these incredible creatures displayed before your eyes, Anna keeps it real and this is quite a blatant reflection via her special characters she has created for our visual pleasure. get to know anna below....



Where did you grow up as a child?

I was born in Russia but grew up in Germany. I don't identify myself with my mother's country since I left it at 4 years old.


Where do you call home?

I’m a citizen of the earth and I would call it home. My heart is always my home. 


How do these creatures/characters come about?

I would say “immaculate conception “


Tell us about the first creature that came to you??

It was born in June of 2017, healthy and very loved.


Which creature do you associate most with?

Every “fantastical being “ is sort of carrying my DNA, they all are connected.


Which one is your most beloved creature?

I love all my “children “ hahaha.


Do you have a special place you like to create?

My memory and my mind are best places to create.


Talk to us about the famous german painter, Otto dix?

Dix and I have similar values and i see a connection between him and my work which can be seen as increasing chaos within the society. Even the time frame is a bit similar, early century.


Talk to us about connection?

We all are connected… especially through Instagram haha.


Talk to us about mistakes?

Every mistake is an experience.


 Talk to us about challenges?

The biggest challenge is protecting my work environment from outside influences, noises, visitors, distractions.


 Talk to us about outerspace?

I’m kinda always spaced out.


Talk to us about not taking things to seriously?

I’m super serious all the time :) and if I catch myself not being serious i immediately remind myself that I’m always serious.


 Talk to us about dreams?

I paint dreams, I don’t talk about it :)


Would you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Absolutely, I’m a “spiritual being”.


What makes you happy?

Painting all the time


What makes you sad?

Me myself and I


How do you relax?

I don’t.


Whats your star sign?



Favourite place in the world? And why?

Anywhere near the sea


Have you go any exciting exhibitions/projects on the horizon?

Yes, I'll be exhibiting  in Los Angeles in autumn.


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