Air Liquide - This Is a mind trip

Legendary german electronic duo Air Liquide return from a long awaited pause with this mind - bending dark excursion through neverland. Active since 1991, Dr Walker (Ingmar Koch) and Jammin Unit (Cem Oral) having released more than 50 records together, this is this first release since 2004, the last fifteen years have seen them both busy via other projects, dabbling and developing other monikers and collectives.

Always delving into new realms and diving deep into the future there new release titled, ‘This is a Mind Trip’ most definitely lives up to the name, turning you inside out it prepares the brain for a full length journey. Acidic loops and trippy turns down a variety of paths. The new release is being issued via Berlin young guns, Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound. we even see the return of poet, Mary Susan Applegate (Kochs former GF) contributing vocals throughout.

Deeply Nostalgic, this release does visit old habits with swirling 303 nuances and underlying old school power.

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